Parents and Pot

Marijuana addiction is real. Just ask the 15% of people entering a drug-abuse program that reported Marijuana as their "preferred" drug of abuse. To some, the growing number of people smoking pot may be distressing – primarily to parents, many of whom may have had some experience of their own with the drug. Yet, the times have changed. The plant and its consumption is not what it used to be back in the good old hairy days of Woodstock.

Bun B Talks About the Syrup That Killed Pimp C (Video)

Codeine and Promethazine. Listen to Bun B speak about the drug that killed his business partner Pimp C - and a drug that he helped popularize nation wide.

The Marlboro Man is LYING!!! (on Video)

A thought provoking short video on truth and lies in the alcohol and tobacco industries.

Spend a Few Weeks Living Like a Meth Addict While Watching This Video - Sad but Human

Follow a few hardcore meth addicts on weeks of binging and crashing, and understand the lifestyle a little better, as you see the human costs and humanity, of the affliction

Boot Camp - Marching and Push-Ups as Addiction Treatment?

How can anyone really believe that having a scary dude yell at you and force you to behave is going to  teach you self control and healthy living skills once that scary dude is no longer standing there?

Addicted to Pain Pills? Watch These Short Videos and Learn How to Get Clean

Thinking about getting off of pain pills, and thinking about detox and withdrawal and all of that - can be pretty scary stuff. Watching others take the journey - watching what they do and how they do it, can help to make it a little less frightening.

Which Beer Companies Target Kids Most?

In the last 6 years, during which time the beer and liquor industries practiced marketing "self regulation" the number of alcohol commercials seen by the average teen went up from 216 to 301 per year. Find out who the worst offenders are...

A Powerful Documentary About the Jouney from Heroin

Watch a gripping autobiographical documentary through years of heroin addiction, by Scottish filmaker David Scott.

Marijuana - New Research Says It's Twice as Strong as It Was 20 Years Ago

Marijuana today is not what it was, and when people say they're having trouble giving it up, it may be because it's twice as strong as it was only 20 years ago.

No Hangovers for 1 in 4

Cheaters! About a quarter of drinkers never suffer throuh the indignities of a hangover. No sweaty, achey, nauseus and headached mornings (and afternoons) for them, but oddly enough, these people that don't suffer the morning after also seem less prone to developing an alcohol abuse problem. Oddly enough, it is those of us who sufer terribly from hangovers (gluttens for punishment) that are at a higher risk of alcoholism.

Virtual Drug Rehabs. They’re Coming, But They Won’t Work

As a thousand health websites push the boundaries of remote and ever more interactive healthcare, the potential for improved access to information, more efficient services and more affordable medicine certainly exists.

But technological improvements may hide a darker side. As providers see the savings that remote health offers, will they swing the pendulum too far? Will these providers offer services online that really, need to be offered in person? Will we soon see virtual drug rehabs?

In The War on Drugs - Are We Trying to Kill Drug Users?

Jail isn't reputed as the safest place to live, but apparently, it's after getting released from prison that the death toll skyrockets. Heroin addicts that are imprisoned, but not rehabilitated, are set loose to once again take heroin. Now though, they have no tolerance, and the results are tragically predictable.

Can Heavy Drinking Turn You Gay?

They say that the humble fruit fly is actually a pretty reliable animal model for human behavior. Well, when the fruit fly gets drunk enough, for long enough, he starts doing things he wouldn't ordinarily do...

Commit a Crime – Win Free Drug Treatment!

  • If I am poor and addicted to drugs, and want help but do not break the law, I probably can't get state funded drug treatment.
  • If I am poor and addicted to drugs, and don't want help, and get caught stealing cars - the state will pay for my drug treatment.

Make sense?

Drug courts are great - but they sure have created a distorted reward system for a whole lot of law abiding people in need.

Jailed Monkeys Use More Cocaine

  • Cocaine addicted monkeys placed in larger and nicer cages use less cocaine.
  • Cocaine addicted monkeys placed in smaller and less stimulating cages use more cocaine.

Since monkeys are a pretty good indicator of human behavior, maybe we shouldn't put people in small and sterile jail cells after we catch them using cocaine?