Choosing a drug rehab center

  • I needed a program that was willing to work with me financially.
  • The treatment center I went to had many people in from insurance, and many people who were able to break the payments up so they could afford it.
  • Finding a program that was licensed by the state and had trained professionals was obviously very important.
  • The place where I went to was full of recovering addicts and alcoholics as employees. I loved that. I could really relate to everyone working there.
  • I also looked for a facility that promised to install a solid after-care program for me when I left. I still get phone calls from the treatment center, checking on my progress a year later.
  • A program that reconnected myself with my family and had frequent family therapy meetings was essential.
  • One of the most important things for me was getting treatment for depression.
  • I had to have a place that had top psychiatrists working with them so they could provide me with the medication I knew I was going to need.

There are tons of programs out there. They all offer something different. Most of them will have everything needed, and if they don’t they have outside access to all of the professionals that you would need. I think the relapse prevention, or after-care plan is the most important. Finding a place that will promise to help out with that is the most important.

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