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Scary Columbian Heroin. Snorting is just as addictive as injecting!

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Today's heroin addict can be anyone, and heroin is no longer found only in the inner city. Today's heroin is cheap and it is pure, and it's so good that no longer more injection is required. Today's heroin is pure enough to be snorted and this is appealing to a lot of people that would never dream of sticking a needle in their arm. But make no mistake, heroin is heroin, and whether it is injected, snorted or smoked, the end result is far too often addiction, suffering and sometimes early death. If you use heroin recreationally, you need to stop now. If are addicted, you need treatment now; and if you've never tried heroin, don't get fooled by "heroin chic" or any such glamorization of the drug, and never start in the first place. Heroin pulls you in, and once you're addicted it's very tough to break free.

OK so all heroin is pretty scary stuff, but the heroin that's been hitting the streets…and the school yards lately, is more likely than not coming up from the south, and is cheaper and stronger than ever before. This cheap and potent heroin can be snorted effectively and this is making heroin seemingly less frightening to a lot of people that would never dream of injecting.

There's also the heroin chic factor, and the coolness of heroin has been glamorized in film and music, and certainly adds to the temptation to at least give this drug a try, if only once. Unfortunately, only once often turns into once in a while, and from there to just about every minute is a pretty easy transition when you consider just how seductive, pleasurable and addictive the drug is.

In general, the faster the effects are felt after administration, the more addictive the drug is considered, and as such the relatively slow effects onset of snorting when compared to injection should make it a safer way to use; but new research indicates that this doesn't seem to be the case, and snorting heroin appears to be every bit as addictive as injecting. The profile of the average heroin user has changed considerably in the last five years, and heroin, once the king of the urban inner city, has crept into the suburbs and the night clubs, and today's heroin addict can be just about anyone.

Snorting heroin does cause nosebleeds, and can cause permanent nasal damage, but the risks of overdose and the contraction of Hepatitis C or HIV are lower than with injection drug use. Unfortunately, a significant percentage of heroin abusers, who start out snorting heroin, will eventually progress to the more efficient means of injection administration, and are then faced with all of the health risks associated with IV usage anyways.

The risks of heroin are incredible, and in addition to Hepatitis C, HIV, abscessed veins, decreased immuno functioning and a host of other serious health disorders, heroin is far and away the drug most likely to cause an accidental overdose. The variable purity of the drug as it is sold at the street level makes dosing pretty tricky, and it only takes one mistake to kill you.

Heroin is heroin, and it doesn’t matter if you snort it, smoke it or inject it, it's one of the most dangerous and destructive drugs known, and any heroin use needs to be taken very seriously. If you or someone you love is taking heroin recreationally, it needs to stop now, while it still can. It's so easy to become physically dependent on the drug, and once hooked, it's not easy to get off. If you or a loved one has become dependent, it's time to consider getting clean.

The first step is detox, and heroin detox is no joke (I've done an opiate detox, and I can tell you how rough it can be!). There aren't many people with enough determination to detox on their own, and if heroin is available, most will get it and use, if only to take the pain of detox away. The only way most people can ever detox off of heroin is to get professional help, and get out of the environment of use and access to the supply of heroin. Professional detox can also ease the symptoms of detox, and is make the days of withdrawal as comfortable as is possible.

But detox is only the beginning, and the pull of heroin is strong. Most addicts will need the period of sobriety, of learning, and of counseling as offered in a drug rehab facility; and even then long term abstinence is no guarantee.

But recovery is possible, and it's the only acceptable goal. If you or someone you love has a heroin problem, get professional help and take as long as is needed to learn how to live without heroin abuse.

The easiest way to avoid heroin addiction is to never start using, and as such people need to get educated about the dangers of snorting heroin. Heroin, whether it's snorted smoked or injected is very dangerous and very destructive, and trying it once is often the first step to a life of addiction. There is no such thing as heroin chic…there is only heroin pain and heroin suffering.

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Submitted by dimon on June 9, 2009 - 4:34am.

Heroin addiction starts with dependency on recreational drug use. After continuously use, physical dependency takes control of the body. Soon Heroin addiction takes control of behavior also. But like any opiate dependency the physical condition of opiate saturation and Heroin addiction in the body and brain can be reversed through detoxification. Lon term 12 steps residential treatment is seems to be effective for many heroin abusers in their complete addiction free recovery, cognitive behavior therapy is also effective for behavior modification of addicts, under the supervision of trained psychotherapists.

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