NA versus AA

I did not have as much of a problem with Alcohol as I did with Drugs. I go to AA (alcoholics anonymous) though; I do not go to NA (narcotics anonymous) really. AA seems to have much better sobriety. One of the reasons it is better is because it is considered the root of the twelve step programs. I have not met one person in AA who never abused a pill. Many newcomers, particularly male, choose to go to NA first, because they are considered addicts and not alcoholics. There is also a large group of young people in NA. In NA you can openly talk about drugs while in AA it is a little less accepted. I know many people who hardly drank ever but they choose to combat their addiction by going to AA. If you were a heroin addict all your life and then one day the only drug left in the world is Alcohol, you’re going to be an alcoholic very fast. It is the same void that your trying to fill, it is the same thing, just a different substance that you’re abusing. I want results so I around myself with the best possible chances of getting them. I have nothing against NA and I would go to an NA meeting at anytime, I just prefer AA, even though I was mostly into substance abuse.

2 thoughts on “NA versus AA

  1. I am a recovering addict who found the message of recovery through Narcotics Anonymous. For me the language and the message that NA supports is on that is all inclusive. People fail to recognize or acknowledge at times that a drug is a drug is a drug call it Alchol, Crack, Cocaine whatever.
    Narcotics anonymous was formed By Jimmy K. because Addicts were dying. They were not embraced within the AA community, nor could the level of identification be met.
    I believe whatever works, works.
    But in my experience it appears that members of AA focus on the alcohol as the PROBLEM and not at the underlying source of the disease which can not be catagorized as a particular susbstance.
    The disease is not in the bottle.
    Not in the Bag.
    Not in the Vial.
    The disease exists within us (Addicts & Alcholics) at a level that goes beyond conventional medical methods of classification.
    My argument for this is if alchol or drugs were the would only mean that once the problem was removed there would no longer be anything to worry about.
    Hence the principles within the 12 step fellowships that encompass the mechanisms neccesary to help an alcholic or addict find the coping mechanisms to DEAL with the disease.
    NA and AA serve much as a management system such as a dabetics regimen with insulin.
    As for which is better..they both are excellent vehicles upon which many peoples lives are healed for the better.
    The difference on why we identify as addicts in NA is because it’s ALL INCLUSIVE…it does not serve to promote dis-unity or suggest that there is more then one disease…it includes every form of substance including alcohol.
    AA was formed in a time when alcohol was the DRUG of choice at this point in time the language of the big book cannot relate to the reality of addiction at this point in time.
    Once people realize there is no better fellowship or that one has more recovery then the other..maybe we can get back to the underlying priciples which embody the spirit of both fellow ships…to carry the message to the sick and suffering.

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